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Golf News was established in 1990, providing the latest news about golf in Atlantic Canada. Our Golf News Publication, is proud to meet its objectives – for golfers and advertisers across the region.

The golf fraternity continues to be very receptive and supportive of the Golf News in the past three decades, as has the business community with their advertising support.

The positive feedback we continue to receive via emails, phone calls, personal comments and media awards, encourages our efforts.

The primary objectives of our Digital Online monthly golf publication (April - October) is to communicate to golfers all levels of the industry (from novice to amateur to professional) and to be a cost-effective, high-quality advertising medium.


The Golf News is targeted toward a specialized audience and is an excellent way for businesses to introduce their products and services to the golf industry. We feel very confident the Golf News has fulfilled these roles.

We invite you to contact Golf News to explore the possibilities of participating in a customized advertising program especially designed for your requirements. Pricing specials and incentives are available to accommodate your budget.

Advertising Rates

The Golf News is a Digital Online monthly publication designed to communicate information on the local golf scene for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and surrounding areas. It serves as a communications vehicle for the golfing industry and as a catalyst for the golf fraternity.

Advertising Benefits

  • A high quality advertising medium for a specialized market

  • 33 years in the golf industry

  • Online “Live Link” to the advertiser’s website

  • Readership of 10,000 plus per issue

  • 7 issues per year (April – October)

Advertising Rates
Process Colour
Measurements width x height

Centre spread
Full Page
3/4 page H 
3/4 page V
1/2 page H 
1/2 page V
1/4 page H
1/4 page V
Front-page Earlug 


20” x 10”
9.37” x 10”
9.37” x 7.2708”
6.9963” x 10”
9.37” x 4.7917”
4.6225” x 9.75”
9.37” x 2.3125”
4.6225” x 4.7917”
2.25” x 1.9”


Golf News publishes a Digital Online Publication throughout the Atlantic Canada region starting in April and continues on a monthly basis until October of each year.

Participation by Age
Total Male Participants
Total Female Participants












  • The average age of a golfer in Canada is 53. These numbers represent an older male demographic, but the sport is changing. The number of younger players and female players is on the rise.


  • Viewers register online and are notified by Email when a new issue becomes available


  • Back issues are also archived for viewing

Online Stats

  • Online impressions…10,000 plus - per issue

  • Viewers register online and are notified by Email when a new issue becomes available

  • Back issues are also archived for viewing

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