Golf News has been providing the latest news about golf in Atlantic Canada since 1990 and is proud of its Print and Digital publications in meeting its objectives for golfers and advertisers across the region.

The primary objectives of our monthly golf publication (April-October), and our Digital Version Online is to communicate to golfers of all levels of the industry (from novice to amateur to professional) and to be a cost-effective, high-quality advertising medium.

Golf News is targeted toward a specialized audience and has proven to be an excellent way for businesses to introduce their products and services to the golf industry. We feel very confident Golf News has fulfilled these roles.


The golf fraternity continues to be very receptive and supportive of Golf News in the past three decades, as has the business community with their ongoing support. The positive feedback we continue to receive encourages our efforts.

Golf News Philosophy  "if we know about it, we can publish it "

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